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Ternate Beach Resort Itinerary

Ternate Beach Resort Itinerary

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Ternate Beach Resort Itinerary

Ternate Beach Resort Itinerary – Having a weekend holiday shouldn’t be missed. The local tourist attractions can be the main choice for refreshing your mind. Ternate becomes a hidden tourist destination. Ternate Beach Resort Itinerary shows many potential features. When you want to explore it, you don’t require spending much money. There are several tourists’ destinations to visit in Ternate.

Lava Flow in Batu Angus

This tourist attraction is located about 10 km using a private vehicle to go to the north from the center of the city of Ternate. It is not far from the airport. This place presents a bunch of contrasting color of the stones around it. If you bring a car, it is better to park your car on the road and follow the path. The stones were the ex – frozen lava flow when the eruption of Gamalama Mountain happened in 1907. You can reach this destination when you make a list of Ternate Beach Resort Itinerary.

The beauty and view of Gamalama Mountain can be seen in Batu Angus. It is lying about 2 km and ends to the rocky stiff in which the valley has a blue and clean sea. In this place, you can find a historical site of the Japanese army. If you want to visit this place, you should come in the morning where the sun is not shining yet brightly. You can enjoy the beauty of the stones and glance at Hiri Island.

Floating Ship in Sulamadaha Beach

The next destination is Sulamadaha Beach. It is located nearby Batu Angus. This beach has the white sand contour and small waves making it comfortable to visit. To reach this bay, you have to walk along the path for 500 meters. In a side of the beach, there is a narrow bay surrounded by the dense and fresh trees. The clean and clear water makes your eyes see the underwater life clearly. This bay can be used for snorkeling. For the people who don’t have its tool, it is available snorkeling tools. The rental price for a small ship is about Rp. 30.000,- and the tire rental price is Rp. 5.000,-.

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The Green Lake Tolire

This lake is located in North Ternate about 10 km from the center of the city. It has 2 spots of Lake Tolire. Small Tolire with the dark color is located in the coastline and Big Tolire has the green color. The volcanic print can be seen in this lake. To visit Big Tolire, you have to walk about 300 meters from the main road. In the surrounding of Lake Tolire, you will see the beautiful view and scary look. The Tosca water surface is together with high cliff and valley surrounding it. It looks so scary because you see high valleys around it.

The phreatic eruption in the foothill of the mountain makes the formation of Lake Big Tolire. The eruption made victims because it burns a village called Solea Tkomi Village with its all citizen. In the Lake Big Tolire, you can find several species of the fishes there However, the local people trust that this lake is inhibited by the crocodile devils so that there are no people taking it bravely. The uniqueness of this lake is that throwing something in this lake. If you throw it strongly, the hit will never touch the lake surface. For the people who don’t trust it, you can try it. Try to purchase more pebbles in the lake line to prove it. Those are several tourist attractions that can be listed in Ternate Beach Resort Itinerary.

Ternate Private Resort

Ternate Private Resort

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Ternate Private Resort  

Ternate was an island as well as a city, exactly occupied in the Maluku Islands of the Eastern side Indonesia. Therefore, Ternate is the biggest island in the North Maluku Province. However, for your information. The capital city of North Maluku Province is Sofifi, instead of Ternate. Most of Ternate area can be classified as the hilly and mountain areas that offer you with so many diversity stuff around 0 to 700 meters above the sea level as well. You might want to spend your time in Ternate Private Resort if you want to get more private space with your partner or family.

Exotic Destinations in Ternate

You do not have to worry because Ternate can be accessed easily by using ships or plans as well. The routine flight departures come from Surabaya, Makassar, Jakarta, and Manado then bring you to the Sultan Babullah Airport in the Ternate. Of course, Ternate offers you unique scenery which also provides you with so many exotic sites. The beauty of its nature is so breathtaking. Even Ternate also popular with the history of spice trade and the remains were be seen from the historical buildings here. Check the exotic destinations here.

Exotic Destinations in Ternate

The Oranje Citadel

Initially, this citadel is the Portuguese Citadel. Then in 1607, the Dutch began to come and take over, then started to rebuild this citadel. They also change its name become Orange Citadel. The Dutch want to make this citadel as the mainland or main point of herb monopoly around Ternate. Previously, this Orange Citadel was occupied in the edge of the sea. However, nowadays, this citadel was placed in the center of town because of reclamation by the Ternate Government. From the top of Citadel, then you are able to see the beautiful view of Tidore Island, Ternate City, and Maitara Island.

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Kalamata Citadel

Initially, this citadel was also built by Portuguese around 1540 and it was named as the St. Lucia Citadel. This Citadel was built in order to against the Spanish attack in the Tidore Island. Then the name was changed into the Kalamata Citadel by Government as the honor yo the Prince Kalamata that came from Ternate who been died in Makassar. After the Dutch started to leave the Kalamata Citadel, then this citadel become so dirty and darken as well. Even, this citadel was flooded by the sea water because of abrasion. Then the government began to get massive restoration so that this citadel can be secured without removing its original form as well.

Sulamadaha Beach

The Sulamadaha Beach has the very clear and pristine water so that this beach was also known as the Glass Beach as well. If visitors see the boat above the seawater, then they will be immersed by seeing the boat like flying in the air. The sea water is so clear and you will meet many different coral reefs and fish here. Although, Sulamadaha beach has black sand, however, this beach is a great place for your relaxation. You can try snorkeling or even diving which is so fun to do here. You might be able to enjoy Ternate Private Resort here.

The Laguna Lake

This is a very incredible destination and this lake just look so beautiful with the greenish shade of water and contrast with the blue ocean near its beach. The border between the sea and the lake is the small island can be a great track for you. It is better to get Ternate Private Resort that brings you to the deeper experience.

Ternate Pool Resort

Ternate Pool Resort

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Ternate Pool Resort

North Maluku was also known as the spice island is a part of Indonesia which shows you with the meaningful experience for the brave traveler. The twin volcanic island Sultanes of Tidore and Ternate had the most necessary history in the North Maluku Islands and once become very rich with the production of nutmeg, cloves, and mace. Although only take a time less than 15 minutes by taking a speedboat, these islands were different to each other, even the language that they spoke and the different customs that each of them has a different atmosphere as well.  Even you can complete your visit here by booking the Ternate Pool Resort with your family, friends or partner. There are many unique experiences that you will meet here.

Crowded activity in Ternate Harbour

Ternate Harbour is the crowded place with so many activities here along with goods and passengers moving through or come from all of the parts of this archipelago. You will find the small roads along with the traffic and people surround this place that gives you a glimpse of the busy commerce. This is a great experience to bring you away from the everyday life.

Unique  sport games

The local people here seem to be sports fans. During the evening, there are many people go to the nearest field and play volleyball or other football games which been played with dancing feet, small goals and rapid passing as well. This is very inclusive along with the women who also been involved around with the men as well.

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Beautiful beaches to visit in Ternate

The Patungan Cove

The first target when you visit can be the Layag-Layag Beach, however,  you have to pass the hard way route when you want to visit here, then you might be hard to get clear information about the road. The Patungan might be not a white sand beach, however, this beach is so clean and offers you with the great background as well. The Patungan Cove is a lively leak along with a few huts that you can rent along the houses of its locals. Even there are some visitors go to this beach during the weekday.

Katungkulan Beach

Katungkulan beach is the part of the cove which been surrounded by the cliffs in the both of sides as well. There are several protected wild animals that you might see here. You might see the monkeys close to the roadside several times. While the monkeys seem shy and being away from humans. The Katungkulan Beach was also called as the Boracay de Cavite because of its white sand. However, the sand here is not very white, but it is still a great beach to visit as well.  You might want to stay in the Ternate Pool Resort as well.

Bobane Ici Beach

This beach was very famous with the uniqueness of its tiny black stones. The stones were come along the beach and made from the scouring of the waves which is regularly crash this beach. You will hear the great sound of wind along with the chirping of birds that make you become so comfortable here. There is also a bath in the Bobane Ici Beach.

Sulamadaha Beach

This beach offers you very clean water so that this beach was also called as the Glass Beach. You might see that the boat like flying in the air. This is because the water is highly clear and there are so many beautiful corals here. You can try snorkeling and diving here, no wonder that there are many foreign visitors go to this beach as well.  Complete your trip here with Ternate Pool Resort.

Ternate Beach Resort Transportation

Ternate Beach Resort Transportation

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Ternate Beach Resort Transportation

Ternate is the regency in the North Maluku, this regency hides a million charms and panoramas of stand out nature and many of them were still sealed inside. There are many people who do not know the beauty and cool places in Ternate. Ternate offers you with stand out attractions, ranging from cultural sites, historical sites, contemporary photo spots to waterfalls pleasing your eyes and waiting on you to be discovered. Ternate was still developing and you can find Ternate Beach Resort Transportation easily.

Beautiful small island

Ternate is one of the small islands which been located in eastern Indonesia, precisely on the slopes of Gamalama Volcano in the North Maluku Province. However, this area shows you with so many tourist attractions which actually do have potential become the national tourist attractions and might be can be called an international attraction as well.

Here several recommendations of tourist attraction in Ternate

Bobaneha  Ici Beach

This Bobaneha Ici is the beach which located in the Aftador Village around 20 km to the south. The waves are fierce and filled by large rocks making this place not recommended to swim here. In addition, this popular beach has its own uniqueness, because this beach was filled up with small black stones. The freezing wind will make you feel more comfortable here. This place featured with sufficient facilities such as food stalls around the beachside, swimming pools, and lodging as well. Even you can find Ternate Beach Resort Transportation easier as well.

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Jikomalamo Beach

Jikomalamo Beach has very clean water and white sand stretches no more than 100 meters. It also has the hidden bay that faces directly to the Hiri Island in the opposite and making this beach is more beautiful as well. There is a story from the locals that Jikomalamo was taken from the name of a village in the Hiri Island. In addition, Jikomalano Beach is one of the best places for snorkeling here. You will see the beauty of underwater life as well.

Kahona Beach

The uniqueness of Kahona Beach came from the large rock with a hole in the middle which been located right on the shoreline. Indeed, there are only a few tourists who know this location, but you can ask the locals here that will show you with the direction to this destination. When you reached the Kahona Beach, then you will that this beach does not have many rocky pebbles.

Sasa Beach

You cannot miss this beautiful beach if you are in the North Maluku Province, then you have to visit this exotic beach. You might want to stay longer here because of the natural surroundings in the coastal area which is still natural. You are able to visit this area and enjoy the uniqueness surrounds this beach.

Kastela Beach

In the Kastela Beach, then visitors can enjoy the beautiful sea views under the shade of trees while you are looking at the beautiful sunset. This tourist attraction was still rarely visited, however, the beauty which been presented as unbeatable compared to other tourist attractions in Ternate. When you are visiting this beach, then you are able to visit the historical tourism as well as natural attractions/

Gamalama Mount

Gamalama Mount was also known as the peak of Ternate – this is a volcano mountain in North Maluku Province and this mountain offers you with extraordinary beauty. Even there are so many natural enthusiasm was very interested to climb this mountain. There are many things to see in Ternate and you are able to get Ternate Beach Resort Transportation easily here. Ternate is an exotic destination offers you with exotic attraction and historical landscapes.

Ternate Beach Resort With Swimming Pool

Ternate Beach Resort With Swimming Pool

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Ternate Beach Resort With Swimming Pool

Ternate is the small island which been located in the North Maluku Sea with many people still think that this place is hard to rich, therefore Ternate is not favorite destinations among people who came from the Java Island. However, you do not have to worry anymore because there are many airlines that offer you with this destination, even you can choose to get a direct flight or stopping in Makasar first. Even this hidden paradise is still not able to attract tourists. Of course, you are still able to find the accommodation of Ternate Beach Resort With Swimming Pool as well.

Ternate is the oldest Islamic Sultanese in Eastern Indonesia

When you arrived in Ternate, there are friendly people anywhere and they speak in polite words as well.  Physically, you might be surprised with their beautiful appearance of North Maluku people – the men have masculine faces with the firm jaws then the women have so exotic tone. The modesty of the residents are nice and make you want to stay longer here.

Visit the famous attraction here

One of the tourist attractions who first came to Ternate was Maitara and Tidore Island. Your visit is not complete if you missed the famous attraction in Ternate which been displayed in the Indonesian rupiah. To reach this destination, then you have to go to the south in the place which been known as Gambesi.

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Must-visit destinations in Ternate

The flying boat in the Sulamadha Beach

This beach is located close to Batu Angus and offers you with white sand and small waves which make this place comfortable to visit. To reach this bay, then you have to walk along the track which been neatly arranged approximately 500 meters of concrete. Another hand, this beach has narrow bay which been surrounded by shady trees. One of the best things is having very clear water that makes your eyes can see the marine life clearly. You can try snorkeling in this bah and if you do not bring the snorkeling stuff, you do not have to worry because there are rental centers that provide you with that stuff

The beautiful green shade of Tolire Lake

This Lake was located in the North Ternate around 10 kilometers from the city center. There are two Tolire Lakes, they are Tolire Kecil (small) which has dark colored right on the beachside and Tolire Besar (big) that shows you with a green shade. Even you are able to see the volcanic activity in this lake as well. In order to visit the Tolire Besar Lake, then you have to take a walk around 300 meters from the main road. Then you will be presented with a beautiful as well as mysterious view. Here, you will see so many types of fish, however, the locals believe that this lake is inhabited by the mystic crocodile so no one brave to take the fish here. Another unique thing here is if someone throws something into the lake, no matter how powerful he throws with stone or other hard objects.

The historical story in Kastela Fortress

Being part away from the crowd of the city and placed in the remote area, this fortress is pretty quiet as well. Therefore you are able to enjoy the beauty of the architecture which been built by Portuguese. Kastela Fortress is also called as the Gam Lamo Fortress which is the name of Mount Gamalama. Once you enter this fortress then you will be welcomed by a large clove statue. Enjoy your visit with Ternate Beach Resort With Swimming Pool.

Ternate Beach and Pool Resort

Ternate Beach and Pool Resort

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Ternate Beach and Pool Resort        

Ternate is one of the cities that occupied in the Maluku Province. This city has so many fortresses and some of them are popular along with its historical tours as well. Ternate is also famous for its history related to spice trade and kingdoms. However, the landscape’s of Ternate was also famous for its beauty, especially its marine tourism. When you stay in Ternate, you might want to stay in Ternate Beach and Pool Resort which makes your visit more complete and make you more convenience to stay here longer. There are many great destinations that you should be included in your must-visit destinations.

Ternate Sultanese Palace

This is an ancient building of Sultanese heritage which still stands from and this is placed in heart of Ternate City, therefore it is not that hard to reach this place. For tourists who want to visit this place, then it’s recommended to wear modest outfits and cover most part of a body is more advisable, visitors do not allow to talk carelessly and wear shorts. The rules were written in the entrance door in this palace. This is one of the most iconic attractions in Ternate, as mentioned before that Ternate was well-known with the kingdom history in the past.

Beautiful scenery in Indonesian’s Rupiah

You should know that one of the pictures which been displayed in the sheet of 1 IDR was taken place in Ternate, precisely in the Ngade Village, South Ternate. This place is one of the favorite tourist destinations when many travelers come to the Ternate Island. This place is not so far from the public roads, and you have to walk along through the footpath beside the people’s house.

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Here several natural tourism in Ternate

Sumadaha Beach

This beach offers you a black sandy beach which is so close to Hiri Island as one of the popular diving spots that you can find in Ternate. This beach has soft black sand and shows you with the mountains view and the islands as well. Visitors are able to enjoy their trips tp across those islands by taking a motorboat. Even local residents also offer you traditional snacks along the beachside.

Tobotolo Beach

This is the only beach which has the white sand on the Ternate Island. It was located in the Jalan Batu Nagus, Togafo District, North Maluku. This is very unique because there are hot springs which are not too far from the shoreline. You will see a very clean sea water, sago palm trees as well as the sea breeze that makes you more relaxed being here.

Laguna Lake

Laguna Lake was located in the Ngade Village, South Ternate. It was around 18 kilometers came from the center of Ternate City. This place was often called as Ngade Lake as well. Laguna Lake was a great place for those who want to isolate themselves from the busy life. Travelers were spoiled with a great view of the lake which been surrounded by green hills, blue seas and mountains as well. Besides you enjoy its beauty, the tourists can fish here as well. The lake is one one of the natural fishing destination. Ternate Beach and Pool Resort will make your trip more perfect as well.

Batu Angus

This destination is a hill which located in the Batu Angus street and shows you with unique plateau which been built from the rock collection from the hot lava which been erupted in 1673. It looks like the black stalactite which emerged from the earth. You might be able to stay in Ternate Beach and Pool Resort here.

Ternate Beach Resort With Pool

Ternate Beach Resort With Pool

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Ternate Beach Resort With Pool

Ternate is a city which located in the foot of Mount Gamalama – this island has the same name as the city of Ternate. Ternate is a small city, however, this place offers you with its own charm as well. There are many tourist attractions in Ternate that you can visit, whether both natural destinations and historical tourism a swell. Here, there are several tourist attraction in Ternate that waited on you to be discovered as well. To make your visit becomes more pleasurable, then you are able to stay in Ternate Beach Resort With Pool as well.

A small island with extraordinary charm

As mentioned before that Ternate is the city at the foot of Gamalama Volcano. North Maluku Province has 8 islands which can be considered as the beautiful islands because of natural beauty that can spoil your eyes. These islands are Ternate Island, Moti Island, Hiri Island, Tifure Island, Mano Island, Maka Island, Gurida Island and Mayau Island. Every island has its own uniqueness so it can make visitors feel at home to stay longer in Ternate.

Great spots for snorkeling

North Maluku provides you with many cool spots for diving and snorkeling as well, these areas can be classified based on the area. However, there are several spots that you have to visit if you love to have snorkeling and diving in Ternate.

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Best spots for snorkeling and diving in Ternate:

The City Side of Masjid Raya or Kellet’s Point

This point is one of the favorite diving spots because of its characteristics. Kellet’s point is the submerged reef at the depth of 22 to 25 meters which been located around 25 meters from the roadside or the parking area in the front of Al Munawar Grand Mosque. The divers have to swim about 15 meters to the sea in order to get the slope consisting of sand and coral miz where some of blue yellow tail and sweetlips can be found here. About 10 meters passed the bottom of the sand at the depth of 20 meters, then the submerged reef can be seen as well. You can see glassfish, sponge, batfish and sometimes turtles, baracudda and so on.

Behind the Mall Point

This point is the reclamation of a boundary, therefore this area has the sea depth around 8 to10 meters right from the highway boundary. The main highlight that you will see in this pint is the various corals along with the seafloor around the depth of 30 meters. This point was still crowded by schooling fish such as batfish, surgeon and so on. Sometimes you might see the bumped, napoleon wrasse and more.

Jailolo and Morotai

Many people said that Jailolo has so many diving spots, such as reef Jojo has the words “Halbar” under the sea. There is also Babua Island which offers you super clear water sea. In the Morotai, you might see the Black Tip Point where travelers often see the schooling sharks. The beautiful snorkeling and diving spot were found around Dodola Island. There was a shipwreck, however, the professional diver was specialized because the depth is about 30 to 40 meters.


Halmahera offers you with many snorkeling and diving spots. In Tobelo, North Halmahera offers you with the underwater volcano. These snorkeling spots were also spread around Guraici Island, Lauri Beach, Paole Island, and Kakara Island. So there are many diving and snorkeling spots here that make your visit becomes more meaningful as well. Even some resorts here also offer you with Bay Reef that offers you with great underwater scenery as well. Ternate Beach Resort With Pool can be found here and you can book in advance.

Penginapan di Kota Tidore

Penginapan di Kota Tidore

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Penginapan di kota Tidore

Penginapan di kota Tidore – Walaupun fasilitas penginapan di kota Tidore ini, tidak terlalu banyak, namun kota yang satu ini, tetap memiliki penginapan yang nyaman dan pas untuk para wisatawan yang berkunjung. Berikut ini adalah beberapa penginapan di kota Tidore yang dapat Anda kunjungi, seperti :

  1. Seroja

Penginapan pertama yang dapat Anda kunjungi ketika tiba di Kota Tidore adalah penginapan Seroja. Ini adalah salah satu penginapan yang cukup terkenal di kawasan ini. Penginapan di kota Tidore ini sendiri memiliki beberapa buah kamar. Beberapa kamar sudah dilengkapi dengan fasilitas AC, sedang beberapa kamar lainnya hanya menggunakan kipas angin. Fasilitas seperti kamar mandi dalam, tempat tidur dan berbagai perlengkapan lainnya semua tersedia lengkap di tempat ini. Lokasinya sendiri berada di Jl. Sultan Syafududdin no 5, kp Soajawa, Sioasio, Tidore.

Untuk sampai ke lokasi penginapan ini sendiri tidak sulit, jika Anda berada di kawasan terminal kota Soasio, Anda hanya perlu naik kendaraan sekitar 20 menit ke arah selatan. Ada yang unik, ketika Anda menginap di tempat ini, yaitu adanya kolam renang, dengan air laut sebagai airnya. Tidak hanya itu, di kolam renang tersebut, Anda akan menemukan wahana perosotan, yang membuat acara bermain di kolam renang jadi jauh lebih menyenangkan.

  1. Jangi Penginapan

Penginapan lain yang dapat Anda kunjungi ketika tiba di kota Tidore ini adalah Jangi Penginapan. Adapun lokasi dari penginapan di kota Tidore ini adalah di Jl. Pahlawan, no 32, Gamtufkange, Tidore, Soasio. Untuk sampai ke penginapan ini tidak sulit, karena lokasinya mudah dicari. Disekitar penginapan, ada beberapa fasilitas umum yang tentunya dapat Anda gunakan, seperti rumah makan, pasar, atau yang lainnya. Tidak hanya itu, lokasi penginapan ini juga dekat dengan salah satu objek wisata menarik yaitu pantai Tugufula.

Baca Juga :

Fasilitas yang ada di penginapan ini terbilang cukup nyaman, terdiri atas beberapa buah kamar, dengan fasilitas berupa, AC, dan non AC. Selain itu, fasilitas seperti kamar mandi dalam juga tersedia.

  1. Penginapan Bogenfil

Lokasi dari Penginapan Bogenfil ini sendiri tidak terlalu jauh dari penginapan Seroja. Tepatnya sebelum penginapan Seroja, jika Anda berasal dari arah Terminal kota Soasio.

Fasilitas di penginapan ini juga terbilang cukup nyaman, terdiri atas beberapa kamar, dengan fasilitas kamar yang berbeda. Anda dapat memilih untuk menginap di kamar berAC atau tidak. Jika tidak, maka fasilitas yang akan Anda peroleh adalah kipas angin. Untuk fasilitas makan tidak perlu khawatir karena pihak penginapan menyediakan menu makan pagi, siang dan juga sore.

Namun demikian, di sekitar penginapan ini, Anda juga akan menemukan restoran lokal, café dan juga beberapa objek wisata menarik seperti makam Pahlawan Nasional Sultan Nuku, Benteng Tore, Museum Sonyine Malige, dll.

  1. Guest House Tidore

Berikutnya adalah Guest House Tidore, penginapan di kota Tidore ini sendiri berlokasi di Tomagoba, kota Tidore Kepulauan, Maluku Utara. Lokasi dari penginapan ini termasuk strategis, karena berlokasi di dekat alun-alun kota Tidore. Selain itu, lokasi penginapan ini juga dekat dengan cafe, rumah makan dan yang lainnya. Tidak hanya itu, lokasi ini juga tidak jauh dari bibir pantai. Jika Anda ingin mengunjungi pantai, maka Anda dapat berjalan kaki atau menggunakan kendaraan. Jika Anda berada di depan terminal Soasio, maka Anda hanya perlu mengarahkan kendaraan ke arah selatan, tepatnya sekitar 5 menit perjalanan, akan Anda tiba di penginapan yang satu ini.

Fasilitas menginap yang ada di penginapan ini juga terbilang cukup nyaman. Memiliki beberapa buah kamar, dengan fasilitas AC di dalamnya, selain itu, di masing-masing kamar juga telah disediakan fasilitas kamar mandi yang juga lengkap dengan aneka perlengkapan mandi.

  1. Penginapan Surya Pagi

Satu lagi penginapan di kota Tidore yaitu Penginapan Surya Pagi yang  berlokasi di Sofifi, Oba Utara, kota Tidore Kepulauan, tepatnya di jl. Pelabuhan. Apabila Anda berada di bandara Sultan Nuku, Sofifi, maka jarak yangn harus Anda tempuh untuk sampai ke penginapan ini sekitar 40 menit perjalanan. Sedangkan jika saat ini berada di pelabuhan speed boat Sofifi, jaraknya hanya sekitar 2 menit. Fasilitas di penginapan ini cukup nyaman, terdiri atas kamar be rAC, dengan fasilitas kamar mandi dalam yang juga nyaman.

Penginapan di Pulau Tidore

Penginapan di Pulau Tidore

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Penginapan di pulau Tidore

Penginapan di pulau Tidore – Penginapan di Tidore kepulauan ini sendiri memang cukup banyak, Anda dapat menginap di sekitar kota Tidore atau Anda dapat menginap di sekitar kota Sofifi, yang lokasinya ada di seberang kota Tidore. Rata-rata penginapan di pulau Tidore ini berupa penginapan biasa, namun ada 1 buah hotel yang dapat Anda kunjungi, berikut adalah beberapa penginapan yang dimaksud :

  1. Losmen wisata

Penginapan di pulau Tidore pertama yang akan dibahas adalah losmen wisata. Lokasinya sendiri ada ji Jl. Balbar, Oba Utara kota Tidore kepulauan Maluku Utara. Penginapan yang satu ini terbilang cukup strategis, karena lokasinya tidak jauh dari jalur utama, yaitu Trans Halmahera. Selain itu di sekitar penginapan ini, Anda juga akan melihat beberapa fasilitas wisata yang tentunya dapat Anda nikmati, seperti rumah makan, dan yang lainnya.

Untuk sampai ke penginapan ini, maka Anda harus tiba di bandara Sultan Nuku Sofifi. Dari bandara, Anda akan menempuh perjalanan sekitar 39 menit untuk sampai ke penginapan. Sedangkan jika Anda berada di pelabuhan speed boat Sofifi, maka jaraknya tidak terlalu jauh hanya sekitar 16 menit, perjalanan.

Baca Juga :

Fasilitas yang ada di penginapan ini tergolong cukup nyaman, mulai dari adanya kamar lengkap dengan AC, kamar mandi di dalam, dan tempat tidur twin bed. Untuk makan, Anda dapat menggunakan menggunakan fasilitas restoran yang ada di penginapan ini, atau mengunjungi rumah makan yang ada di sekitar lokasi penginapan.

  1. Penginapan Surya pagi

Penginapan di pulau Tidore yang kedua adalah penginapan Surya pagi, lokasinya ada di Jl. Pelabuhan, sofifi, Oba Utara kota Tidore Kepulauan, Maluku Utara. Penginapan yang satu ini juga terbilang cukup strategis, karena berada cukup dekat dengan pelabuhan speed boat Sofifi. Dari lokasi pelabuhan hanya sekitar 2 menit menggunakan kendaraan. Namun jika Anda saat ini berada di bandara Sultan Nuku, Sofifi, maka Anda harus menempuh perjalanan sekitar 40 menit.

Fasilitas di penginapan ini terbilang cukup nyaman, dimana masing-masing kamar sudah dilengkapi dengan AC, tidak hanya itu, di sekitar penginapan Anda juga akan melihat adanya masjid, rumah makan lokal, dan beberapa fasilitas umum lainnya.

  1. Penginapan Seroja

Penginapan seroja ini berlokasi di jl. Sultan Syafuddin no 5, Kp Saojawa, Soasio, Tidore. Ini adalah salah satu penginapan yang cukup terkenal di kawasan kota Tidore. Lokasi penginapan ini sendiri cukup strategis, berdekatan dengan beberapa objek wisata dan juga lokasinya dekat dengan bibir pantai. Jika Anda saat ini berada di terminal Soasio, maka arahkan kendaraan ke selatan.

Fasilitas penginapan yang ada terbilang cukup nyaman, mulai dari kamar AC dan kamar non AC. Adanya restoran yang menyediakan makan pagi, siang dan juga sore. Yang unik adalah penginapan ini mempunyai kolam renang yang airnya berasal dari air laut. Tidak hanya itu, kolam renang ini juga dilengkapi dengan perosotan yang akan membuat kegiatan berenang jadi semakin menyenangkan.

Di sekitar penginapan ini Anda akan menemukan beberapa objek wisata menarik, seperti Benteng Tore, Museum Sonyine Malige, dermaga Kesultanan Tidore, Benteng Tahula, dll.

  1. Hotel Bolotte

Berikutnya ada sebuah hotel menarik yang dapat Anda kunjungi, lokasinya ada di Jl. Trans Halmahera, tepatnya di Guraping, Oba Utara kota Tidore kepulauan, Maluku Utara. Hotel Bolotte, ini berlokasi cukup dekat dengan kantor Gubernur Maluku Utara. Dari bandara Sultan Nuku, Sofifi, jaraknya sekitar 45 menit perjalanan, sedangkan dari pelabuhan Speed boat, hanya berjarak sekitar 11 menit perjalanan.

Fasilitas menginap di tempat ini terbilang nyaman, memiliki kamar ber-AC, kamar mandi di dalam, tempat tidur twin Bed, dan yang lainnya. Fasilitas makan yang ada di tempat ini juga nyaman, Anda dapat memesan menu sarapan, makan siang dan juga makan malam.

  1. Penginapan Yusmar

Untuk Anda yang memiliki budget terbatas dan ingin menginap di penginapan yang nyaman, ada baiknya jika menginap di penginapan Yusmar. Lokasi penginapan di pulau Tidore ini ada di Jl. Trans Halmahera, Balbar, Oba Utara, kota Tidore Kepulauan, Maluku Utara.

Fasilitas di lokasi ini terbilang cukup lumayan, ada beberapa kamar yang dilengkapi dengan AC ada juga yang tidak.

Penginapan Surya Pagi Tidore

Penginapan Surya Pagi Tidore

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Penginapan Surya Pagi Tidore

Penginapan Surya Pagi Tidore – Tidore sendiri adalah salah satu kota di Maluku Utara yang memiliki panorama alam yang sangat indah. Untuk melakukan wisata ke kota tersebut, tentunya Anda membutuhkan penginapan yang tepat, dengan suasana yang juga nyaman. Adalah penginapan Surya Pagi Tidore, yang berlokasi tidak jauh dari bibir pantai, dan memberikan pemandangan pantai dan kota Ternate nan indah.

Lokasi Penginapan Surya Pagi Tidore

Penginapan Surya Pagi Tidore ini sendiri berlokasi di Sofifi, Oba Utara, kota Tidore Kepulauan, Maluku Utara. Lokasi penginapan ini sendiri cukup strategis yaitu dekat dengan pelabuhan Sofifi. Dari lokasi penginapan untuk sampai ke pelabuhan ini sendiri jaraknya tidak jauh, Anda dapat berjalan kaki atau menggunakan kendaraan bermobil, jika menggunakan kendaran bermobil, jarak yang ditempuh sekitar 1 hingga 2 menit saja.

Jika Anda tiba di Oba Utara, kota Tidore Kepulauan via udara, maka Anda akan mendarat di bandara Sultan Nuku Sofifi. Dari bandara, Anda dapat menyewa mobil dengan jarak sekitar 26.5 km yang dapat ditempuh sekitar 40 menit, menuju penginapan. Untuk jalur yang akan ditempuh dari bandara ke penginapan, Anda akan menggunakan Jl. Trans Halmahera, artinya Anda akan menyusuri pesisir pantai Oba Utara. Pemandangan di sepanjang pantai ini yang membuat perjalanan jadi tidak membosankan, bahkan cukup menyenangkan.

Fasilitas di Penginapan Surya Pagi Tidore

Seperti umumnya fasilitas di penginapan yang ada, fasilitas penginapan Surya Pagi Tidore ini terbilang standar. Dimana pihak penyedia penginapan menyediakan beberapa jenis kamar, yang sudah dilengkapi dengan tempat tidur yang nyaman, meja dan kursi, tidak lupa juga lemari pakaian. Selain itu, di masing-masing kamar juga sudah disediakan kamar mandi pribadi, lengkap dengan aneka perlengkapan mandi. Selain itu, untuk memberikan kenyamanan ekstra, Anda dapat memilih salah satu dari beberapa jenis kamar yang ada, dengan AC di dalamnya. Namun untuk Anda yang memiliki budget terbatas, ada baiknya jika memilih kamar dengan fasilitas pendingin ruangan seperti kipas angin.

Baca Juga :

Untuk fasilitas makan sendiri, pihak penginapan memberikan menu makan pagi, makan siang dan juga makan malam. Menu kuliner yang disajikan cukup beragam, mulai dari kuliner lokal, hingga kuliner nusantara.

Selain itu, panorama alam di penginapan ini, terbilang cukup indah. Karena lokasinya yang berada di dekat pelabuhan, secara otomatis, pemandangan dari penginapan ini adalah laut dan pulau. Di tepi penginapan, Anda akan melihat laut Maluku yang tenang dan juga pulau Tidore di kejauhan.

Kualitas layanan yang diberikan oleh pihak penginapan Surya Pagi Tidore ini, juga terbilang sangat ramah, dan jika Anda membutuhkan sesuatu hal, maka Anda dapat menghubungi pihak receptionist atau pegawai lainnya.

Alasan menginap di penginapan Sinar pagi

Ada beberapa alasan yang membuat Anda sebaiknya menginap di tempat ini, yaitu :

  • Lokasi penginapan ini yang cukup strategis. Berada cukup dekat dengan pelabuhan speed boat Sofifi. Artinya jika Anda menginap di tempat ini, Anda akan mudah melakukan penyebrangan ke kota lain di Maluku Utara, seperti kota Tidore, kota Ternate, atau pulau lain di sekitarnya.
  • Harga yang ditawarkan oleh penginapan ini juga tidak terlalu mahal, bahkan dapat dikatakan cukup terjangkau. Jadi Anda yang melakukan perjalanan dengan teknik backpacker, tentunya dapat menggunakan penginapan Surya Pagi Tidore, sebagai lokasi untuk menginap.
  • Karena lokasinya yang ada di pusat kota, maka fasilitas seperti perbankan dan yang lainnya ada di tempat ini. Anda ingin berwisata ke pulau lain yang ada di kawasan Maluku Utara ini, dapat mengambil kesempatan tersebut, untuk mengambil uang. Karena tidak semua pulau yang ada di Maluku Utara ini memiliki sistem perbankan yang lengkap, terutama ATM.
  • Selain perbankan, Anda juga dapat mengunjungi beberapa restoran atau rumah makan lokal, yang menyediakan aneka kuliner khas daerah setempat. Lokasinya sendiri tidak terlalu jauh dari penginapan. Anda dapat berjalan kaki atau menggunakan kendaraan.
  • Ada beberapa objek wisata yang dapat Anda kunjungi ketika menginap di penginapan Surya Pagi Tidore tersebut, seperti pantai Balisosa, Botanickal Garden, dll.
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