Ternate Beach and Pool Resort

Ternate Beach and Pool Resort        

Ternate is one of the cities that occupied in the Maluku Province. This city has so many fortresses and some of them are popular along with its historical tours as well. Ternate is also famous for its history related to spice trade and kingdoms. However, the landscape’s of Ternate was also famous for its beauty, especially its marine tourism. When you stay in Ternate, you might want to stay in Ternate Beach and Pool Resort which makes your visit more complete and make you more convenience to stay here longer. There are many great destinations that you should be included in your must-visit destinations.

Ternate Sultanese Palace

This is an ancient building of Sultanese heritage which still stands from and this is placed in heart of Ternate City, therefore it is not that hard to reach this place. For tourists who want to visit this place, then it’s recommended to wear modest outfits and cover most part of a body is more advisable, visitors do not allow to talk carelessly and wear shorts. The rules were written in the entrance door in this palace. This is one of the most iconic attractions in Ternate, as mentioned before that Ternate was well-known with the kingdom history in the past.

Beautiful scenery in Indonesian’s Rupiah

You should know that one of the pictures which been displayed in the sheet of 1 IDR was taken place in Ternate, precisely in the Ngade Village, South Ternate. This place is one of the favorite tourist destinations when many travelers come to the Ternate Island. This place is not so far from the public roads, and you have to walk along through the footpath beside the people’s house.

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Here several natural tourism in Ternate

Sumadaha Beach

This beach offers you a black sandy beach which is so close to Hiri Island as one of the popular diving spots that you can find in Ternate. This beach has soft black sand and shows you with the mountains view and the islands as well. Visitors are able to enjoy their trips tp across those islands by taking a motorboat. Even local residents also offer you traditional snacks along the beachside.

Tobotolo Beach

This is the only beach which has the white sand on the Ternate Island. It was located in the Jalan Batu Nagus, Togafo District, North Maluku. This is very unique because there are hot springs which are not too far from the shoreline. You will see a very clean sea water, sago palm trees as well as the sea breeze that makes you more relaxed being here.

Laguna Lake

Laguna Lake was located in the Ngade Village, South Ternate. It was around 18 kilometers came from the center of Ternate City. This place was often called as Ngade Lake as well. Laguna Lake was a great place for those who want to isolate themselves from the busy life. Travelers were spoiled with a great view of the lake which been surrounded by green hills, blue seas and mountains as well. Besides you enjoy its beauty, the tourists can fish here as well. The lake is one one of the natural fishing destination. Ternate Beach and Pool Resort will make your trip more perfect as well.

Batu Angus

This destination is a hill which located in the Batu Angus street and shows you with unique plateau which been built from the rock collection from the hot lava which been erupted in 1673. It looks like the black stalactite which emerged from the earth. You might be able to stay in Ternate Beach and Pool Resort here.