Ternate Beach Resort Itinerary

Ternate Beach Resort Itinerary

Ternate Beach Resort Itinerary – Having a weekend holiday shouldn’t be missed. The local tourist attractions can be the main choice for refreshing your mind. Ternate becomes a hidden tourist destination. Ternate Beach Resort Itinerary shows many potential features. When you want to explore it, you don’t require spending much money. There are several tourists’ destinations to visit in Ternate.

Lava Flow in Batu Angus

This tourist attraction is located about 10 km using a private vehicle to go to the north from the center of the city of Ternate. It is not far from the airport. This place presents a bunch of contrasting color of the stones around it. If you bring a car, it is better to park your car on the road and follow the path. The stones were the ex – frozen lava flow when the eruption of Gamalama Mountain happened in 1907. You can reach this destination when you make a list of Ternate Beach Resort Itinerary.

The beauty and view of Gamalama Mountain can be seen in Batu Angus. It is lying about 2 km and ends to the rocky stiff in which the valley has a blue and clean sea. In this place, you can find a historical site of the Japanese army. If you want to visit this place, you should come in the morning where the sun is not shining yet brightly. You can enjoy the beauty of the stones and glance at Hiri Island.

Floating Ship in Sulamadaha Beach

The next destination is Sulamadaha Beach. It is located nearby Batu Angus. This beach has the white sand contour and small waves making it comfortable to visit. To reach this bay, you have to walk along the path for 500 meters. In a side of the beach, there is a narrow bay surrounded by the dense and fresh trees. The clean and clear water makes your eyes see the underwater life clearly. This bay can be used for snorkeling. For the people who don’t have its tool, it is available snorkeling tools. The rental price for a small ship is about Rp. 30.000,- and the tire rental price is Rp. 5.000,-.

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The Green Lake Tolire

This lake is located in North Ternate about 10 km from the center of the city. It has 2 spots of Lake Tolire. Small Tolire with the dark color is located in the coastline and Big Tolire has the green color. The volcanic print can be seen in this lake. To visit Big Tolire, you have to walk about 300 meters from the main road. In the surrounding of Lake Tolire, you will see the beautiful view and scary look. The Tosca water surface is together with high cliff and valley surrounding it. It looks so scary because you see high valleys around it.

The phreatic eruption in the foothill of the mountain makes the formation of Lake Big Tolire. The eruption made victims because it burns a village called Solea Tkomi Village with its all citizen. In the Lake Big Tolire, you can find several species of the fishes there However, the local people trust that this lake is inhibited by the crocodile devils so that there are no people taking it bravely. The uniqueness of this lake is that throwing something in this lake. If you throw it strongly, the hit will never touch the lake surface. For the people who don’t trust it, you can try it. Try to purchase more pebbles in the lake line to prove it. Those are several tourist attractions that can be listed in Ternate Beach Resort Itinerary.