Ternate Beach Resort Transportation

Ternate Beach Resort Transportation

Ternate is the regency in the North Maluku, this regency hides a million charms and panoramas of stand out nature and many of them were still sealed inside. There are many people who do not know the beauty and cool places in Ternate. Ternate offers you with stand out attractions, ranging from cultural sites, historical sites, contemporary photo spots to waterfalls pleasing your eyes and waiting on you to be discovered. Ternate was still developing and you can find Ternate Beach Resort Transportation easily.

Beautiful small island

Ternate is one of the small islands which been located in eastern Indonesia, precisely on the slopes of Gamalama Volcano in the North Maluku Province. However, this area shows you with so many tourist attractions which actually do have potential become the national tourist attractions and might be can be called an international attraction as well.

Here several recommendations of tourist attraction in Ternate

Bobaneha  Ici Beach

This Bobaneha Ici is the beach which located in the Aftador Village around 20 km to the south. The waves are fierce and filled by large rocks making this place not recommended to swim here. In addition, this popular beach has its own uniqueness, because this beach was filled up with small black stones. The freezing wind will make you feel more comfortable here. This place featured with sufficient facilities such as food stalls around the beachside, swimming pools, and lodging as well. Even you can find Ternate Beach Resort Transportation easier as well.

Baca Juga :

Jikomalamo Beach

Jikomalamo Beach has very clean water and white sand stretches no more than 100 meters. It also has the hidden bay that faces directly to the Hiri Island in the opposite and making this beach is more beautiful as well. There is a story from the locals that Jikomalamo was taken from the name of a village in the Hiri Island. In addition, Jikomalano Beach is one of the best places for snorkeling here. You will see the beauty of underwater life as well.

Kahona Beach

The uniqueness of Kahona Beach came from the large rock with a hole in the middle which been located right on the shoreline. Indeed, there are only a few tourists who know this location, but you can ask the locals here that will show you with the direction to this destination. When you reached the Kahona Beach, then you will that this beach does not have many rocky pebbles.

Sasa Beach

You cannot miss this beautiful beach if you are in the North Maluku Province, then you have to visit this exotic beach. You might want to stay longer here because of the natural surroundings in the coastal area which is still natural. You are able to visit this area and enjoy the uniqueness surrounds this beach.

Kastela Beach

In the Kastela Beach, then visitors can enjoy the beautiful sea views under the shade of trees while you are looking at the beautiful sunset. This tourist attraction was still rarely visited, however, the beauty which been presented as unbeatable compared to other tourist attractions in Ternate. When you are visiting this beach, then you are able to visit the historical tourism as well as natural attractions/

Gamalama Mount

Gamalama Mount was also known as the peak of Ternate – this is a volcano mountain in North Maluku Province and this mountain offers you with extraordinary beauty. Even there are so many natural enthusiasm was very interested to climb this mountain. There are many things to see in Ternate and you are able to get Ternate Beach Resort Transportation easily here. Ternate is an exotic destination offers you with exotic attraction and historical landscapes.