Ternate Beach Resort With Pool

Ternate Beach Resort With Pool

Ternate is a city which located in the foot of Mount Gamalama – this island has the same name as the city of Ternate. Ternate is a small city, however, this place offers you with its own charm as well. There are many tourist attractions in Ternate that you can visit, whether both natural destinations and historical tourism a swell. Here, there are several tourist attraction in Ternate that waited on you to be discovered as well. To make your visit becomes more pleasurable, then you are able to stay in Ternate Beach Resort With Pool as well.

A small island with extraordinary charm

As mentioned before that Ternate is the city at the foot of Gamalama Volcano. North Maluku Province has 8 islands which can be considered as the beautiful islands because of natural beauty that can spoil your eyes. These islands are Ternate Island, Moti Island, Hiri Island, Tifure Island, Mano Island, Maka Island, Gurida Island and Mayau Island. Every island has its own uniqueness so it can make visitors feel at home to stay longer in Ternate.

Great spots for snorkeling

North Maluku provides you with many cool spots for diving and snorkeling as well, these areas can be classified based on the area. However, there are several spots that you have to visit if you love to have snorkeling and diving in Ternate.

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Best spots for snorkeling and diving in Ternate:

The City Side of Masjid Raya or Kellet’s Point

This point is one of the favorite diving spots because of its characteristics. Kellet’s point is the submerged reef at the depth of 22 to 25 meters which been located around 25 meters from the roadside or the parking area in the front of Al Munawar Grand Mosque. The divers have to swim about 15 meters to the sea in order to get the slope consisting of sand and coral miz where some of blue yellow tail and sweetlips can be found here. About 10 meters passed the bottom of the sand at the depth of 20 meters, then the submerged reef can be seen as well. You can see glassfish, sponge, batfish and sometimes turtles, baracudda and so on.

Behind the Mall Point

This point is the reclamation of a boundary, therefore this area has the sea depth around 8 to10 meters right from the highway boundary. The main highlight that you will see in this pint is the various corals along with the seafloor around the depth of 30 meters. This point was still crowded by schooling fish such as batfish, surgeon and so on. Sometimes you might see the bumped, napoleon wrasse and more.

Jailolo and Morotai

Many people said that Jailolo has so many diving spots, such as reef Jojo has the words “Halbar” under the sea. There is also Babua Island which offers you super clear water sea. In the Morotai, you might see the Black Tip Point where travelers often see the schooling sharks. The beautiful snorkeling and diving spot were found around Dodola Island. There was a shipwreck, however, the professional diver was specialized because the depth is about 30 to 40 meters.


Halmahera offers you with many snorkeling and diving spots. In Tobelo, North Halmahera offers you with the underwater volcano. These snorkeling spots were also spread around Guraici Island, Lauri Beach, Paole Island, and Kakara Island. So there are many diving and snorkeling spots here that make your visit becomes more meaningful as well. Even some resorts here also offer you with Bay Reef that offers you with great underwater scenery as well. Ternate Beach Resort With Pool can be found here and you can book in advance.