Ternate Beach Resort With Swimming Pool

Ternate Beach Resort With Swimming Pool

Ternate is the small island which been located in the North Maluku Sea with many people still think that this place is hard to rich, therefore Ternate is not favorite destinations among people who came from the Java Island. However, you do not have to worry anymore because there are many airlines that offer you with this destination, even you can choose to get a direct flight or stopping in Makasar first. Even this hidden paradise is still not able to attract tourists. Of course, you are still able to find the accommodation of Ternate Beach Resort With Swimming Pool as well.

Ternate is the oldest Islamic Sultanese in Eastern Indonesia

When you arrived in Ternate, there are friendly people anywhere and they speak in polite words as well.  Physically, you might be surprised with their beautiful appearance of North Maluku people – the men have masculine faces with the firm jaws then the women have so exotic tone. The modesty of the residents are nice and make you want to stay longer here.

Visit the famous attraction here

One of the tourist attractions who first came to Ternate was Maitara and Tidore Island. Your visit is not complete if you missed the famous attraction in Ternate which been displayed in the Indonesian rupiah. To reach this destination, then you have to go to the south in the place which been known as Gambesi.

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Must-visit destinations in Ternate

The flying boat in the Sulamadha Beach

This beach is located close to Batu Angus and offers you with white sand and small waves which make this place comfortable to visit. To reach this bay, then you have to walk along the track which been neatly arranged approximately 500 meters of concrete. Another hand, this beach has narrow bay which been surrounded by shady trees. One of the best things is having very clear water that makes your eyes can see the marine life clearly. You can try snorkeling in this bah and if you do not bring the snorkeling stuff, you do not have to worry because there are rental centers that provide you with that stuff

The beautiful green shade of Tolire Lake

This Lake was located in the North Ternate around 10 kilometers from the city center. There are two Tolire Lakes, they are Tolire Kecil (small) which has dark colored right on the beachside and Tolire Besar (big) that shows you with a green shade. Even you are able to see the volcanic activity in this lake as well. In order to visit the Tolire Besar Lake, then you have to take a walk around 300 meters from the main road. Then you will be presented with a beautiful as well as mysterious view. Here, you will see so many types of fish, however, the locals believe that this lake is inhabited by the mystic crocodile so no one brave to take the fish here. Another unique thing here is if someone throws something into the lake, no matter how powerful he throws with stone or other hard objects.

The historical story in Kastela Fortress

Being part away from the crowd of the city and placed in the remote area, this fortress is pretty quiet as well. Therefore you are able to enjoy the beauty of the architecture which been built by Portuguese. Kastela Fortress is also called as the Gam Lamo Fortress which is the name of Mount Gamalama. Once you enter this fortress then you will be welcomed by a large clove statue. Enjoy your visit with Ternate Beach Resort With Swimming Pool.