Ternate Pool Resort

Ternate Pool Resort

North Maluku was also known as the spice island is a part of Indonesia which shows you with the meaningful experience for the brave traveler. The twin volcanic island Sultanes of Tidore and Ternate had the most necessary history in the North Maluku Islands and once become very rich with the production of nutmeg, cloves, and mace. Although only take a time less than 15 minutes by taking a speedboat, these islands were different to each other, even the language that they spoke and the different customs that each of them has a different atmosphere as well.  Even you can complete your visit here by booking the Ternate Pool Resort with your family, friends or partner. There are many unique experiences that you will meet here.

Crowded activity in Ternate Harbour

Ternate Harbour is the crowded place with so many activities here along with goods and passengers moving through or come from all of the parts of this archipelago. You will find the small roads along with the traffic and people surround this place that gives you a glimpse of the busy commerce. This is a great experience to bring you away from the everyday life.

Unique  sport games

The local people here seem to be sports fans. During the evening, there are many people go to the nearest field and play volleyball or other football games which been played with dancing feet, small goals and rapid passing as well. This is very inclusive along with the women who also been involved around with the men as well.

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Beautiful beaches to visit in Ternate

The Patungan Cove

The first target when you visit can be the Layag-Layag Beach, however,  you have to pass the hard way route when you want to visit here, then you might be hard to get clear information about the road. The Patungan might be not a white sand beach, however, this beach is so clean and offers you with the great background as well. The Patungan Cove is a lively leak along with a few huts that you can rent along the houses of its locals. Even there are some visitors go to this beach during the weekday.

Katungkulan Beach

Katungkulan beach is the part of the cove which been surrounded by the cliffs in the both of sides as well. There are several protected wild animals that you might see here. You might see the monkeys close to the roadside several times. While the monkeys seem shy and being away from humans. The Katungkulan Beach was also called as the Boracay de Cavite because of its white sand. However, the sand here is not very white, but it is still a great beach to visit as well.  You might want to stay in the Ternate Pool Resort as well.

Bobane Ici Beach

This beach was very famous with the uniqueness of its tiny black stones. The stones were come along the beach and made from the scouring of the waves which is regularly crash this beach. You will hear the great sound of wind along with the chirping of birds that make you become so comfortable here. There is also a bath in the Bobane Ici Beach.

Sulamadaha Beach

This beach offers you very clean water so that this beach was also called as the Glass Beach. You might see that the boat like flying in the air. This is because the water is highly clear and there are so many beautiful corals here. You can try snorkeling and diving here, no wonder that there are many foreign visitors go to this beach as well.  Complete your trip here with Ternate Pool Resort.