Ternate Private Resort

Ternate Private Resort  

Ternate was an island as well as a city, exactly occupied in the Maluku Islands of the Eastern side Indonesia. Therefore, Ternate is the biggest island in the North Maluku Province. However, for your information. The capital city of North Maluku Province is Sofifi, instead of Ternate. Most of Ternate area can be classified as the hilly and mountain areas that offer you with so many diversity stuff around 0 to 700 meters above the sea level as well. You might want to spend your time in Ternate Private Resort if you want to get more private space with your partner or family.

Exotic Destinations in Ternate

You do not have to worry because Ternate can be accessed easily by using ships or plans as well. The routine flight departures come from Surabaya, Makassar, Jakarta, and Manado then bring you to the Sultan Babullah Airport in the Ternate. Of course, Ternate offers you unique scenery which also provides you with so many exotic sites. The beauty of its nature is so breathtaking. Even Ternate also popular with the history of spice trade and the remains were be seen from the historical buildings here. Check the exotic destinations here.

Exotic Destinations in Ternate

The Oranje Citadel

Initially, this citadel is the Portuguese Citadel. Then in 1607, the Dutch began to come and take over, then started to rebuild this citadel. They also change its name become Orange Citadel. The Dutch want to make this citadel as the mainland or main point of herb monopoly around Ternate. Previously, this Orange Citadel was occupied in the edge of the sea. However, nowadays, this citadel was placed in the center of town because of reclamation by the Ternate Government. From the top of Citadel, then you are able to see the beautiful view of Tidore Island, Ternate City, and Maitara Island.

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Kalamata Citadel

Initially, this citadel was also built by Portuguese around 1540 and it was named as the St. Lucia Citadel. This Citadel was built in order to against the Spanish attack in the Tidore Island. Then the name was changed into the Kalamata Citadel by Government as the honor yo the Prince Kalamata that came from Ternate who been died in Makassar. After the Dutch started to leave the Kalamata Citadel, then this citadel become so dirty and darken as well. Even, this citadel was flooded by the sea water because of abrasion. Then the government began to get massive restoration so that this citadel can be secured without removing its original form as well.

Sulamadaha Beach

The Sulamadaha Beach has the very clear and pristine water so that this beach was also known as the Glass Beach as well. If visitors see the boat above the seawater, then they will be immersed by seeing the boat like flying in the air. The sea water is so clear and you will meet many different coral reefs and fish here. Although, Sulamadaha beach has black sand, however, this beach is a great place for your relaxation. You can try snorkeling or even diving which is so fun to do here. You might be able to enjoy Ternate Private Resort here.

The Laguna Lake

This is a very incredible destination and this lake just look so beautiful with the greenish shade of water and contrast with the blue ocean near its beach. The border between the sea and the lake is the small island can be a great track for you. It is better to get Ternate Private Resort that brings you to the deeper experience.